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"We are very keen on trying to move towards a living wage, work should pay, that’s the key"
Ian Duncan Smith


9th April 2014

A summit hosted by Living Wage champion Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham, and KPMG Newcastle, saw Living Wage Employers across the North East come together to celebrate recent Living Wage successes in the region.

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28th March 2014

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has today announced that 250 of its contracted staff across the UK will benefit from an above inflation pay rise. The rate of pay will rise from £6.40 per hour to £7.85 per hour, bringing them in line with the UK, but not the London Living Wage.

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7th March 2014

In the last year the problem of in-work poverty has been underlined by research which estimates that there are now 5.24 million people being paid less than the Living Wage, an increase of around 400,000 from an estimated 4.82 million in 2012’s report. This highlights the fact that whilst the Living Wage has grown rapidly and successfully as a concept, wider take-up is needed if more people are to earn a wage that supports a basic standard of living.

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26th February 2014

The Low Pay Commission has recommended a 3% rise in the National Minimum Wage for adults. This is the first time in 6 years the Commission has recommended an above inflation pay rise and would lift the NMW to £6.50. Rhys Moore, Director of the Living Wage Foundation said:

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24th January 2014

David Cameron tells the World Economic Forum Meeting at Davos "where companies can pay the Living Wage, they should".

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10th January 2014

An accredited Living Wage Employer has been proudly showing their Living Wage stripes with an interview on BBC Newsnight.

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6th January 2014

After a year in which the number of Living Wage employers increased by 450%, Boris Johnson pledged to boost his support for the campaign in 2014.

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3rd January 2014

John Cridland, director-general of the CBI, has called for businesses to provide higher wages in order to ensure that their workers benefit from the recovery.

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7th November 2013

Campaigning charity ShareAction are working to encourage businesses to pay the Living Wage by working with the pension fund investors who own them. You can get involved by contacting your Pension Fund through a simple online tool

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