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JRF's Minimum Income Standards Report 2017

17th February 2017, 12:54

The Joseph Rountree Foundation this week released their annual Minimum Income Standards (MIS) report. The real Living Wage is annually calculated using the MIS report as it determines what people really need to live. This report is an annual overview of how many people are living below the minimum income standard in the UK. 

Living Wage Foundation Director, Katherine Chapman said:

This report about increases in the cost of living - show a real squeeze on the budgets of working families – with petrol prices continuing to rise those on low pay are going to find it harder to get by.

We call on all employers who can afford it to join our movement of 3000 businesses who go further and pay the real Living Wage.


They know the difference a real Living Wage makes to people – and now, more than ever, good employers will want to provide the stability of wages that cover living costs.

Read the full report here.