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Low Income families savings are down 30% since last year - Aviva report finds.

24th February 2017, 15:38

Inequality worsens as savings gap grows 25% and homeownership levels fall for low income families.

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Low pay and the National Living Wage: why employers should do more than the minimum

24th February 2017, 12:24

Our very own Tess Lanning, Head of Policy and Business Engagement here at the Living Wage Foundation has written a compelling piece for the real Living Wage and why employers should go further than just the government minimum. 

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JRF's Minimum Income Standards Report 2017

17th February 2017, 12:54

The Joseph Rountree Foundation this week released their annual Minimum Income Standards (MIS) report. The real Living Wage is annually calculated using the MIS report as it determines what people really need to live. This report is an annual overview of how many people are living below the minimum income standard in the UK. 

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Resolution Foundation Living Standards 2017 Report Released.

17th February 2017, 10:51

Think Tank, Resolution Foundation, who also oversea the calculation of the Living Wage rates have released their annual Living Standards report. 

The report outlines the issues facing families living on low pay in 2017. With inflation set to rise - the cost of living will go up and put real pressure on those earning below the real Living Wage. 

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Lankelly Chase signs up to Living Wage Friendly Funder Scheme

1st February 2017, 09:38

Lankelly Chase is leading the way by joining the Living Wage Foundation’s new scheme for charity funders.

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End Child Poverty report highlights the plight of working families

18th January 2017, 16:37

Feeling the Pinch

With 66% of children in poverty living with a parent who is in work and that number set to rise, the need for a real Living Wage is greater than ever. 

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