The Living Wage Foundation
recognises and celebrates the leadership
shown by Living Wage Employers across the UK.


Jody is a husband, a father and a Delivery Driver for the frozen food company, COOK. Hear how earning a Living Wage has impacted his life.

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Zina, part of the team at CTS Cleaning, explains how the Living Wage has had a significant impact on her well-being and work.

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Peter Cooke

Peter, Managing Director of CTS, describes how his childhood experiences shaped his commitment to the Living Wage.

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Pastor Suzette

Pastor Suzette Ashley is a care worker who is passionate about care, and believes this important role should be recognised and respected with the Living Wage.

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Zara describes what being on the Living Wage for the first time is like and what it means to live without constant stress of financial pressures.

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Phu tells us what joining the team at Bootstrap Company and being paid the Living Wage means for him

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