Why Pay the real Living Wage?

Good jobs in retail
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Introducing the Living Wage is not only the right thing to do for our co-workers; it also makes good business sense. This is a long-term investment in our people based on our values and our belief that a team with good compensation and working conditions is in a position to provide a great experience to our customers.

Gillian Drakeford, Country Manager, IKEA

In low paid sectors a vicious cycle of high levels of staff turnover and absenteeism can drive problems of operational inefficiency, low standards and weak productivity that hit the bottom line.

Organisations that pay the Living Wage have reported significant improvements in quality of work, reductions in staff absence and turnover, and a stronger corporate reputation. 

Many Living Wage employers go even further, maximising the benefits by making wider improvements to job quality, training and operations to deliver long term improvements in staff performance, productivity and motivation. 

Take a look at the case studies below to find out how they do it. 

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  • Living Wage employers in London reported a 25% reduction in staff turnover on average
  • More than 80% of Living Wage employers reported improvements in staff performance
  • 70% of Living Wage Employers reported improved brand consumer awareness and benefits

How to create good jobs in retail: A toolkit

Between July 2015 and July 2016 the Living Wage Foundation worked with major retailers to develop a series of innovative workplace pilots to test operational strategies that support higher paid, higher skilled jobs in retail, with advice and input from KPMG and Living Wage employers across different sectors. 

Find out what we did here.

The result is a practical guide setting out how retailers and other service sector companies can provide value for customers and investors, while also creating jobs that are better paid, more stable and more meaningful for employees.

If you are interested in moving to a Living Wage or implementing a ‘good jobs strategy’ in your business...

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