About the Service Provider Recognition

For many sectors implementing the Living Wage, achieving our accreditation relies on responsible procurement. The Living Wage has been successful thanks to the constructive involvement of our partners in the contracted service providers industry working with employers.

Some of the providers we work with have seen the benefits that the real Living Wage can bring and would like to see the Living Wage in more of their contracts.

It is not always possible for these providers to implement the Living Wage for all the contracts they deliver. However they can communicate to clients that the Living Wage is always an option.

To recognise contractors who want to play a role and support the aims of the Living Wage Foundation furthering best practice in the industry, we launched a Service Provider Recognition programme.

Recognised Service Providers commit to pay all their own head office staff the Living Wage as part of this agreement.

They also commit to always supply a Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submittal to all of their prospective and current clients. This means the client always has the choice to implement the Living Wage at the point of tender.