Guest blog: Sandy Macdonald, Standard Life Aberdeen. 16% of workers are in low-paid and insecure work, it’s time to do things differently.

15th June 2020
Before the current pandemic hit, a group of companies, trade unions and others convened by the Living Wage Foundation had come together to look at what we might do to address work insecurity. In recent years, the Living Wage movement has gained significant momentum, with cross party consensus on the need to ensure that wherever possible wages can increase to meet the cost of living. In-work poverty isn’t only a result of low wages though, and...
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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: The Living Wage Employers paving the way for a kinder workplace amidst the coronavirus pandemic

21st May 2020

‘Now we’re key workers’. Meet the delivery riders at Living Wage Employer, delivering food in the coronavirus crisis

13th May 2020
It’s never been clearer just how much we need our key workers, than in this crisis, and for those of us who are unable to leave our homes altogether, we are particularly thankful to our delivery drivers, or ‘riders’ in the case of Living Wage Employer But the delivery industry that we so heavily depend on now, has for too long been low-paid and insecure, adopting precarious employment practises of the gig economy. But one Living Wage...

The sticky floor: the other barrier to gender pay parity

13th March 2020
Last year’s International Women’s Day’s theme was balancing gender in the boardroom. One year on, it’s heartening to see that some progress has been made, with a third of all FTSE 350 boardroom roles now being held by women, although men are still seven times more likely to hold some of the most senior positions in Britain’s most valuable firms. As important as breaking through the glass ceiling is however, we cannot forget the other side of the picture which affects millions of women in...

Guest blog: Rickardo Stewart, Community Souls - The Cleaning Company doing things differently

21st January 2020
Community Souls is a social enterprise that trades as a cleaning company, employing adults who are furthest from the job market. We are a springboard for both their personal & professional development; providing secure employment and support to break down the barriers that prevent them from entering long-term employment. We are an accredited London Living Wage employer, providing fixed hour contracts with both holiday and sick pay....

Guest Blog: Garry Lemon,The Trussell Trust - 1 in 7 people at food banks are in employment

13th November 2019
This Living Wage Week, Garry Lemon - Director of Policy, External Affairs and Research at the The Trussel Trust blogs about why we need to make sure if someone's doing a day's work, they are paid a real Living Wage for it as 1 in 7 people at food banks are in employment.The help provided at food bank centres like the 1,200 in our network is absolutely vital, providing a lifeline for people that have been pulled under by the rising tide of poverty....
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How Living Wage Is Your Wallet?

13th November 2019
How Living Wage is your wallet? This is what the CoGo app can now answer with our new Open Banking integration that launched today. We’re so pleased to be able to partner with the Living Wage Foundation, bringing all the consumer-facing Living Wage businesses on the CoGo app and championing their great work to the CoGo community. For us, the Foundation’s work has never been so crucial. With rising rents and costs of living, increased reliance on food banks and payday loans; In-work poverty is...

BLOG: What is the Global Living Wage Initiative?

12th November 2019
By Graham Griffiths, Living Wage Foundation.The idea that underpins the modern campaign for the Living Wage is that all workers should earn a wage that takes account of the costs and pressures that they face in their everyday lives. Interest in the Global Living Wage has seen significant growth in recent years. Globalisation has enabled increasingly rapid development in many economies, but unfortunately this hasn’t...

Making Living Wage Cities - It all began in Dundee

12th November 2019
By Peter Allen, Dundee City CouncilIt’s been over 6 months since Dundee was announced as the first ‘Making Living Wage City’ in the UK. Peter Allan, Chair of the Dundee Action Group, shares why greater take-up of the real Living Wage is a challenge worth pursuing in Dundee.There’s been a lot of attention paid to Dundee over the last year. The new design museum V&A Dundee has brought an unprecedented number of tourists and we have seen a real boost to our economy. But, unless we’re careful,...

A place-based approach to growing the Living Wage movement

3rd October 2019
The number of working people living in poverty has risen sharply over the past 25 years due to a variety of factors including inadequacy of social security, strained public services, stagnating wages and increasing living costs. Worryingly, poverty rates are projected to increase further, with rising levels of in work poverty a continuing trend. The extent...

Three cheers to the Breweries paying the Living Wage this #InternationalBeerDay

2nd August 2019
Today is #InternationalBeerDay, which means if you haven’t already got Friday plans to visit your local you can most definitely justify one now. For those of us who do like a drink, it’s not often you make your choice of pint based on “Which brewery best supports their staff” but with over 30 Living Wage accredited breweries and many more Living Wage Pubs, it’s not at all difficult to make your beverage decisions based on who pays their staff a real Living Wage.Low-pay is a pervasive problem in...

The women behind the London Living Wage Campaign #IWD2019

8th March 2019
This International Women’s Day, we’re focusing on some of the women behind the Living Wage by sharing the stories of women heading up the City of London Corporation’s Living Wage Campaign. Over the past two weeks, the campaign has seen posters across nine of the busiest London Underground stations calling on employers in the Square Mile to go further and ensure their staff earn a real...

BLOG: New Living Wage Places scheme celebrates councils & ‘anchor institutions’ working collaboratively to tackle low pay.

31st January 2019
A new scheme from the Living Wage Foundation- Living Wage Places - celebrates the areas where councils and ‘anchor institutions’ are working collaboratively to tackle low pay. Clare Goff, Project Manager of the scheme shares the ambitions of the scheme, and its impact on working people and local economies.The Living Wage Foundation has launched a new scheme to recognise the efforts of places that are paying and promoting the real Living Wage.Making Living Wage Places, supported by Carnegie UK...

GUEST BLOG: Jonathan Gordon, Clan Gordon

22nd January 2019
Clan Gordon is a letting agent and Living Wage Employer, focused on raising the standard of properties available to tenants in Edinburgh. Jonathan Gordon, Managing Director shares why the decision to pay the real Living Wage made good business sense - a dedicated team allows you to stand out from the crowd. When Clan Gordon was initially founded in 2008, it was just myself and my brother Andrew working from...

Guest blog: Joe Dromey, IPPR. Who cares? Why we need to introduce a real Living Wage for care workers

12th December 2018
Joe Dromey is a Senior Research Fellow at IPPR, a Living Wage Employer. Here he shares why we need to start caring about care sector, a sector where over half of all care workers earn below the real Living Wage.Social care is a vital public service. Across England, nearly 1.5 million people – most of them women – work to support old people and those with disabilities, either in their own homes or in a residential setting. This is some of the most important work in society, and with the elderly...

Guest Blog- Jan Hein Hemke, Facilicom UK & Ireland

6th December 2018
Last month marked the annual campaign for a Living Wage – a cross-party movement of independent businesses, organisations, and people who believe in making work pay. It is also the week when the Living Wage Foundation annually announces the new voluntary rates. This year, the rate increased to £9 per hour, whilst the Mayor of London declared that the London Living Wage will rise to £10.55 per hour. This increase of 25p per hour (or 35p in London) is set to boost the income, and make a real...