Covid-19: Update for Living Wage Employers

Covid-19 Update for Living Wage Employers

During this time of unprecedented challenge for both workers and businesses, it has been fantastic to see so many of our Living Wage Employers continuing their commitment to pay their workers a real Living Wage. As ever, a huge thank you to all of you. It’s also been heart-warming to see so many organisations in our network going above and beyond to contribute to those who are in the most need of support, you can see many of these stories of resilience and kindness here. If you’re doing something positive for your workers, communities or the front-line, please let us know as we would love to share these stories with the network.  
However, we also understand that this pandemic is an unprecedented challenge and many Living Wage Employers will be facing tough decisions. If you are part of our family of Living Wage Employers and are concerned about your Living Wage commitment as a result of the current challenges, we want to hear from you – please contact us through the below enquiry form. 

It is crucial that we work together in this time of great difficulty. The Living Wage movement is strong because it is built on a platform of shared values, co-operation and understanding. The qualities that drove you to become Living Wage accredited, will be the ones to ensure that businesses, workers and families are protected from the challenges that lie ahead. 

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