Head of Business Development (Maternity Cover)

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£55,512 including £3,000 London Weighting
Short Term
25 days + Christmas Break
London Office
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The Living Wage Foundation was launched in 2011 by Citizens UK to tackle in-work poverty and ensure that workers earn enough to live on and participate in family and community life. Citizens UK is the home of community organising with diverse civil society alliances set up to develop leaders to work on the issues that matter to them, such as the Living Wage. Other projects include PACT (Parents and the Community Together) and Sponsor Refugees to add depth to the impact of Citizens UK’s work.

The Living Wage is a movement of businesses, organisations and people who believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. The real Living Wage is an independently-calculated hourly rate based on the cost of living and announced each November during Living Wage Week, our annual celebration of a growing network of over 10,000 Living Wage Employers.

The Living Wage Foundation celebrates employers that voluntarily choose to pay the real Living Wage through an accreditation scheme that recognises a long-term commitment to fair pay and has secured pay rises for 350,000 low paid workers.


The Head of Business Development will drive new business development, generate and implement diversification opportunities to support the future direction of the Living Wage Foundation. You will be responsible for developing and managing new programmes of work exploring wider issues facing low paid workers in the UK and beyond and a new consultancy strand to support more employers to adopt the living wage and other standards of good practice. You will provide leadership and support for a passionate, driven team with a strong commitment to tackling in-work poverty, and be able to build strong relationships internally and externally to further the objectives of the Foundation.

  • Develop and deliver strategies, working collaboratively across the organisation.

  • Raise funds to realise our ambitions to diversify into new areas.

  • Build and manage relationships with key stakeholders, policy makers and employers to support them to tackle in-work poverty in new ways.

  • Develop a team-wide strategy and line manage staff and freelancers, supporting them to deliver projects and create the tools and knowledge available to inform and advise employers on going further than the Living Wage.

  • Communicate evidence for change to influence key stakeholders to become part of the Living Wage movement, promoting Living Hours and other schemes and initiatives, and to champion the Living Wage and Living Hours to their networks.

  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of our work to refine our strategy and deliver projects in an efficient way.

Main Responsibilities

Strategy and Project Management

  • Oversee the development of UK-wide innovative strategies to design, pilot and grow projects that go beyond paying the living wage to reduce in-work poverty.

  • Lead and direct a team to deliver Living Hours accreditation strategy to tackle insecure contracts and develop new programmes to improve in-work poverty issues such as social care and pensions.

  • Take responsibility for developing our consultancy offer and develop a programme of training and workshops to support employers to implement the Living Wage, Living Hours and new programmes of work.

  • Oversee and support project staff to deliver existing projects to grow or deepen the impact of the Living Wage campaign, including our Global Living Wage Initiative.

  • Oversee the monitoring and evaluation of new projects’ impact, including data collection systems and producing reports for various stakeholders.

  • Work across Citizens UK to support innovation and project development to embed alignment and core principles to achieve impact according to our organisational mission.

  • Support the delivery of LWF’s business plan, working across teams to organise work effectively.  

Relationship Management

  • Identify and develop relationships with key senior stakeholders, policy makers, large employers and employer networks to promote and grow new projects.

  • Identify opportunities and develop strategic partnerships with a range of stakeholders including project partners and funders to support the LWF’s work.

  • Scope and test new ideas to address in-work poverty, in consultation with workers, employers and experts, to develop new solutions as part of our diversification programme.

People Management

  • Line manage and support the development of multiple direct reports to deliver business plan objectives whilst supporting the training and induction of team members and developing staff members to carry out their roles effectively.  

  • Develop resources, training, and support to deepen and broaden the skills of LWF team.

  • Coordinate staff within the LWF and across the organisation to ensure we are meeting the expectations of our network and stakeholders.

  • Work with Citizens UK community organisers, members and leaders to promote civic engagement with and ownership of new programmes sitting alongside the Living Wage campaign.


  • Lead on fundraising to support the development of innovative ideas and initiate new programmes, whilst holding relationships with funders and ensuring compliance with grant conditions.

  • Identify and build new opportunities to grow the income of LWF to ensure all diversification projects become financially sustainable.

  • Manage the budget for all new programmes and lead a team to monitor income and expenditure against forecasts.


  • Keep up to date on the latest low pay and poverty policy issues and support communications to our network to ensure that the LWF is responsive to the needs of employees and employers.

  • Identify and direct staff to effectively gather case studies and examples of best practice to develop materials and promote the Living Wage and associated diversification programmes.

  • Oversee research and consultation projects to make the case and gather supporting evidence for new projects.

  • Represent the organisation effectively to external audiences in meetings, at events and in the media to promote and grow the work of LWF.


There isa voluntary and anonymous Diversity Monitoring Form which helps the Living Wage Foundation to monitor against the aims and commitments of our Equal Opportunities Policy. We appreciate your help and cooperation by filling in this form.

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