Head of Campaigns and Partnerships

Job Type: 
£55,512 (including London weighting)
25 days + Christmas Break
London Office
Remote Available

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The Head of Partnerships and Campaigns will oversee our national sectoral strategy to grow the number of Living Wage Employers by activating our network, securing influential partnerships and developing broad campaigns encompassing workers, community leaders, employers, media and digital communications to apply pressure and make the case for the Living Wage.

The Partnerships and Campaigns team is new and expanding and we need a leader to shape its growth and focus. The role will be responsible for supporting and directing a team of Campaigns and Project Managers responsible for delivering our strategy to empower others to advocate for fair pay. The successful candidate will lead on the development of our strategy to engage workers and those with lived experience meaningfully in our work, and create cross-organisational collaboration opportunities with Citizens UK community organisers.

Central to our strategy will be our efforts to Make London a Living Wage City, a £4.8m 4-year project to develop 800 leaders and secure over 50,000 pay rises, putting over £635m into the pockets of low-paid Londoners. With a Steering Group co-chaired by the Mayor of London, the Bishop of London and KPMG’s Senior London Partner, the project aims to bring workers, community leaders and employers together to take a sectoral approach to tackling low pay, with an initial focus on Health and Social Care, Hospitality, Cleaning, Creative and Cultural industries.

Our ambition is to use this opportunity to model cross-organisational collaboration and the role will focus on organisational development to forge internal partnerships and create the conditions for success, whilst working with community organisers, campaign partners and influential stakeholders in London and beyond to forge strategic campaigns to win pay-rises for low paid workers and bring significant employers into the Living Wage network.

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Deadline to apply: 
Thursday, July 7, 2022 - 09:00

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