Business Benefits Case Studies

There are over 6,500 accredited employers in our network, going further than the government minimum and paying all staff the real Living Wage for the real cost of living.

We asked some of our key employers from across the movement to share their Living Wage story by:

  • Explaining their accreditation journey
  • Detailing some of the benefits they've experienced since accrediting
  • Providing some lessons learned during the process and advice for other employers who are considering accreditation

Cardiff University

Cardiff University adopted the Living Wage in August 2014 and was the first university within Wales to become accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Since it has become accredited, Cardiff
University has acted as a Living Wage champion, supporting the Living Wage campaign and promoting it to other employers and within higher education. 


Everton Football Club

Everton began supporting the Living Wage in April 2015, ensuring that all permanently employed staff were paid at least the UK Living Wage rate. The Club, along with its charitable arm, Everton in the Community, became officially accredited as a Living Wage Employer in October 2016.



Linklaters was an early adopter of the Living Wage in the legal industry, and one of the first corporate adopters, paying the rate as of 2010. The firm then became officially accredited as a Living Wage Employer in 2012, and soon after became a Principal Partner of the Living Wage Foundation.



Monzo began paying the Living Wage as soon as it started back in 2015, and announced itself as an accredited Living Wage employer in November 2016. Monzo sees itself as a bank that cares for and fairly treats not only its customers but also its employees. Paying staff a wage that affords them a decent standard of living is seen as fundamentally important to this ethos.