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Guest Blog: Brewgooder –Growing the Living Wage movement one beer at a time.

Brewgooder are do-gooders in numerous ways. They recently made the deicison to become an accredited Living Wage Employer – making sure all their staff earn enough to meet the cost of living. They’re also encouraging other employers in the hospitality sector to follow in their footsteps…with the temptation of free beers- cheers to that! Find out why Brewgooder joined the movement for a real #LivingWage…

At Brewgooder we fundamentally believe that everyone deserves to have the best possible quality of life outside of their work, and to pursue their professional goals in a working environment where they are rewarded fairly for their efforts. We strive to improve the lives and empower communities in developing countries through clean water provision but feel strongly that our employees, and those employed within our industry, should be empowered by earning a real Living Wage. 

What we are doing to promote it?
We pay the real Living Wage and over to our employees - our part-time and full-time staff and those conducting internships and we are not alone. There are hundreds of employers in the hospitality sector who are Living Wage Accredited but these represent a small minority of overall employers within the sector, employing the very people who might even be selling our beer.

Rather than boo, hiss and shout from the sidelines we'd like to get positive about those who share our values within the hospitality industry and reward them for doing so. That's why we are offering some congratulatory beer to toast Accredited Employers and to be shared among their hard-working employees!

Are you an Employer in Hopsitality? Here’s how you can claim your celebratory beer?

It's real simple...

To claim your free cases of beer you must do the below by October 30th ahead of Living Wage Week:

  • Be an accredited Living Wage Employer within the hospitality industry
  • Agree to send us a picture of you and your staff ‘toasting’ to the Living Wage in Hospitality with your free beer.

and if these are all cool... send an email to with your:

  • Address
  • Company Name
  • Number of Staff

Numbers of cases are strictly limited so please get in touch as quickly as you can and celebrate as a Living Wage Hospitality Heroes with us!

For more information on how you can become an Accredited Living Wage Employer, have a look here.

12th October 2018, 17:53
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