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The Living Wage within the vaping industry

Royal Flush Vape are proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer as we continue to ensure our entire team are paid fairly whilst being able to comfortably cover the cost of living within the UK.  

We began paying the National Living Wage a while back now as it became possible for us to fully reward our team for their hard work and efforts. Not only does paying the real Living Wage reward our team, we also truly believe that it is the ethical, desirable, and socially responsible thing to do, especially within the current global climate we find ourselves within today.  

Staff wellbeing is an important factor within our ethos at Royal Flush Vape and being able to support our entire workforce with Living Wage makes them feel happier, more valued and appreciated. By paying all staff fairly, they can focus solely on their job and raise further morale, engagement and motivation whilst also reducing absenteeism and sickness rates to overall improve our employment relations.  

Not only does providing Living Wage improve the lives of our team and their families, but it also makes sound business sense as the responsible thing to do. We hope that our approach to paying fairly will ripple throughout our industry whilst generating a wider social and economic benefit overall.  

Store manager Jen talks about how Living Wage at Royal Flush Vape has positively impacted her life and why she truly believes that being paid fairly relives pressures of everyday life: 

“The living wage enables me to put money aside each month to save to take my family on holiday. In the past I have earned less than the living wage and this proved incredibly difficult, I found that I was regularly struggling by the end of each month and sometimes had to borrow money to make ends meet. The living wage has not affected my physical or mental health, however knowing that I have earned enough money to support my family without struggling relieves the pressure.  Being paid the living wage makes me feel valued as an employee, I enjoy the work that I do and feel that being paid fairly is a positive thing.” 

Overall, it is evident that by paying the real Living Wage we are able to fully appreciate the team at Royal Flush Vape whilst also widening the social and economic benefits which we truly hope is further adopted by others in the industry to create a sector with equal opportunities.  

Based in Lancashire, Royal Flush Vape are a leading high street and online vape retailer supplying electronic cigarettes, hardware, and e-liquids to help promote a healthier lifestyle.



2nd April 2021
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