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London’s Poverty Profile 2013

London’s Poverty Profile 2013 has been released.

The report looks at the scale of poverty in London and key changes over time. The full report is available here, and some of the the key findings are detailed below.

  • Over the ten years to 2011–12, the number people in in-work poverty increased by 440,000. In the same period the number of pensioners in poverty fell by 110,000 and the number of children in workless families in poverty fell by 170,000. Now 57% of adults and children in poverty are in working families.
  • In 2012 just under 600,000 jobs in London were paid below the London Living Wage (£8.55 per hour). Over 40% of part-time jobs and 10% of full-time jobs are low paid.
  • In the three years to 2011–12, 2.1 million people in London were in poverty. This 28% poverty rate is seven percentage points higher than the rest of England. Incomes in London are more unequally spread than in any other region. 
18th October 2013, 18:54
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