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News: The 2018 Living Wage Champion Awards are open

The 2018 Living Wage Champion Awards are now open for applications. The Living Wage Champion Awards celebrate individuals and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the  Living Wage movement.

The Awards are open to all accredited Living Wage Employers, Recognised Service Providers and individuals who have gone above to promote the real Living Wage.

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said:

“There are so many employers and individuals doing incredible work to promote and grow the Living Wage movement. They are making huge differences to the lives of thousands of workers and communities throughout the UK, and this is our chance to celebrate them.

“We know that we’ll receive some fantastic applications from our 3,800-strong employer network, and we look forward to joining them at the awards ceremony in early Summer. The Living Wage movement is growing all the time, as more and more employers commit to pay a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.”

The categories for the 2018 Living Wage Champion Awards are:

  1. Industry Leadership Award (3 awards)
    Three awards for employers leading change in particular industries.
  2. Friendly Funder Award
    An award for a Friendly Funder, showing leadership on the Living Wage through grant-making.
  3. Recognised Service Provider Award
    An award for a Recognised Service Provider, showing leadership on the Living Wage in the FM or services industry and successfully championing the Living Wage to clients.
  4. Living Wage Innovation Awards (1 for a large organisation, 1 for a small organisation) 
    An award for organisations showing innovation or furthering the reach of the Living Wage - whether that be in their procurement, their influence or employment practices that complement the Living Wage and reduce in-work poverty. Two awards will be given in this category: one for a large organisation (over 250 employees) and one for a small organisation (less than 250 employees).
  5. Local Authority Leadership
    An award for a local authority who has shown innovation and leadership in furthering the reach of the Living Wage.
  6. Civil Society Leadership (3 awards)
    Three awards for members of civil society who have gone above and beyond to champion the Living Wage. Applications will be through public nominations rather than applications.
  7. Employees' Choice Award
    An award, that will be selected from the applications from all the other awards, based on the testimonies given. It will celebrate those employers who have made steps to and succeeded in reducing in-work poverty and improving the well being of its employees. This award is not open for applications. 

The Awards are free to enter, to apply click here and submit your application by  20th February 2018. The winners will be announced in early June.

    16th January 2018, 10:00
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