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NEWS: Living Wage Champion Awards 2019 Winners Announced

The Living Wage Foundation has today announced the winners of the Living Wage Champion Awards 2019. The Awards recognise Living Wage employers and individuals that are showing leadership by promoting the real Living Wage in their industries, supply chain and areas, which has led to outstanding contributions to communities and industries across the UK. 

The winners were celebrated yesterday evening at Guildhall, London at an awards ceremony hosted by Martin Lewis OBE and sponsored by Aviva, Heathrow and City of London Corporation.


Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said:

“Congratulations to all those who won a Living Wage Champion Award. There was an incredible collection of organisations and individuals who applied this year and we were overwhelmed by the amazing support and continued work being done by our network across the country to promote the Living Wage. 

“This year has already been an historic one for the Living Wage Movement as we have reached over 5,000th Living Wage employers, showing that businesses continue to recognise the importance of a wage that truly covers the cost of living and it’s fantastic to be able to publicly thank a handful of those employers this evening.”

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chair at the City of London Corporation, which is sponsoring the Living Wage Champion Awards 2019, said:

“One in five people employed in the capital don’t earn a wage they can live on. Together, we must consign this statistic to the history books. Firms are taking steps in the right direction, not just in London, but across the whole country – and it’s encouraging to see so many organisations joining together to make a difference.

“Paying the London Living Wage is good for business and good for society. But most importantly, it means a better quality of life, help for people to provide for themselves and their families, and giving employees dignity.”

The Living Wage Champion Awards Ceremony is now in its second year, it celebrates those employers who go further than just paying the rate, but also promote it in their respective industry or region. The Awards also celebrate the groups and individuals across the country working hard to campaign for a real Living Wage.


The Winners

Places Champion Award
Three awards for Living Wage Employers who have successfully driven take-up of the real Living Wage in a place/area.


  • Cambridge City Council
  • Southwark Council
  • Cardiff City Council

Industry Champion

Five awards for those who have shown exceptional leadership over the last year by promoting the Living Wage in their industry and supply chain.


  • City of London Corporation (City of London encouraged other financial and professional services businesses to pay the real Living Wage by launching a campaign talking business to business by borrowing the language and visual cues of the Stock Market. Rather than showing the company performance based on stock price, City of London’s ‘market’ celebrates firms that are delivering returns for their people and communities by paying the London Living Wage).
  • Norwich City Council
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Carlisle Support Services
  • Keyzo IT

Living Wage Campaigns of the Year Award
Five Awards for community groups that have successfully campaigned on the Living Wage and have grown the Living Wage Movement.


  • Newham Citizens (The Newham Citizens Living Wage campaign has focused on Newham Council keeping their promise to accredit as a Living Wage employer and convincing large employers locally to accredit. The team won a commitment from Mayor Fiaz to accredit as a Living Wage employer, then they supported Mas Patel to bring a motion to ensure the accreditation would take place before financial year 2020. The team helped with £3m a year to support accreditation and to move care contracts to the Living Wage. The team also wrote to London City Airport stating that they would be coming down to the airport to sing songs and asking to meet with the airport. The airport has now accredited as a Living Wage employer).
  • TUC South West
  • Greater Manchester Citizens
  • Waltham Forest Citizens

Funding Champion
Three awards for Living Wage Employers that use their funding and grant-making processes to promote the real Living Wage in low pay sector reliant on grants, such as charities and the arts, as part of the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme.


  • People’s Heath Trust (The People’s Health trust has invested £106m in grants, ensuring that all the posts in funds are paid at the real Living Wage rate. The funded posts focus on the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Great Britain, supporting a Living Wage for the most socio-economically marginalised citizens).
  • Youth Music
  • Trafford Housing Trust

Beyond the Living Wage
Three awards open to Living Wage Employers that have shown exceptional leadership in tackling in-work poverty and improving the wellbeing of their lower paid employees.
tion would Winners:


Against All Odds Industry Award

Five awards for those who have shown leadership on the Living Wage in industries with high levels of low pay, such as retail and care.


  • The Five Points Brewing Company (Five Points was the first brewery in the UK to be Living Wage accredited. Five Points also hosted the Living Wage beer festival in 2016 and 2018 where all taps were taken over by breweries that were Living Wage accredited).
  • Unlimited Potential
  • Mother Ivey’s Bay
  • City Harvest
  • Radiant Cleaners

People’s Choice Award
An award open to all employees at Living Wage Employers who can make the case for why their Living Wage Employer or Recognised Service Provider deserves to be recognised as an excellent place to work for all employees and sub-contracted staff. This award will be chosen on the night by attendees.
Nominees include:

  • Scalloway Hotel
  • Brewdog PLC


Luton Town Football Club


Lifetime Campaigner on the Living Wage

Sister Una, Newham Citizens


Employees' Choice Award 

Beth Wolland, Release Potential



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About the real Living Wage
The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according o what people need to make ends meet. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers that choose to take a stand by ensuring their staff earn a wage that meets the cost and pressures they face in everyday lives.

The UK Living Wage is currently £9 per hour. There is a separate London Living Wage rate of £10.55 per hour to reflect the higher cost of transport, childcare and housing in the capital. These figures are calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation and overseen by the Living Wage Commission, based on the best available evidence on living standards in London and the UK.

The Living Wage Foundation is the organisation at the heart of the movement of businesses, organisations and individuals who campaign for the simple idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. We recognise and celebrate the leadership shown by responsible employers who voluntarily choose to go further and pay a real Living Wage based on the cost of living, not just the government minimum. There are currently over 5,000 Living Wage employers.

The judges for the 2018 Living Wage Champion Awards were:

  • Dr Kaneez Shaid MBE, Campaigner and Chair of the Citizens UK Board of Trustees
  • Edmund Heery, Professor of Employment Relations, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
  • Katerina Rudiger, Chief Community Officer, CIPD
  • Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation
  • Robert Padron, Managing Director, Penrose Care
  • Ros Wynne Jones, Columnist, Daily Mirror

About the City of London Corporation:

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the Square Mile dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally-successful UK.

The City Corporation is working with City businesses to develop responsible practices that benefit society as part of everyday business.

6th June 2019
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