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New Website Launched

Welcome to the new and improved Living Wage Foundation website. 

The new site will serve as a gateway for prospective and existing Living Wage employers to access information and support on implementing the Living Wage across their organisations.

Our site launches in the same week David Cameron tells the CBI that “Britain must become one of the best places to do business on the planet."

Government has an important role to play in achieving business reform and finding new means for growth. Yet becoming a world leader is about more than regulation and legislation. It is about building a positive business culture, sustainable investment in people and nurturing employees to be as productive as possible.

British industry must set the standard when it comes to company culture.

Our principal partners recognise this, be it KPMG who want to maintain a competitive edge in business by retaining the best people, or Resolution Foundation who work to improve the outcomes for low to middle earners through their policy proposals.

Paying a Living Wage ensures that every employee from the cleaner to the CEO has the resources necessary to live a good life. They can be proud that the organisation they work for is a responsible employer. In a changing world where social and economic equity are never far from the agenda: consideration of social responsibilities and the needs of communities are essential business practice.

23rd November 2011, 13:22
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