Andy Bagnall

Andy has been KPMG’s director of external affairs since January 2017, coordinating the firms political engagement on issues as diverse as Brexit, industrial strategy, corporate responsibility and social mobility. Before KPMG, Andy spent 5 years at the CBI where he was director of campaigns, and held responsibility for political engagement with all the major parties, putting across the business community's views on the UK's relationship with the European Union, and raising awareness of the contribution that the business community makes to delivering prosperity for our wider society. Andy has held a number of policy and campaigning jobs. He has a background in election organisation at both local and national levels. He was also a special adviser to the UK government for four years, serving two cabinet ministers in three departments.

Do employers have to pay the Living Wage rates by law?

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 13:26 -- Sarah Vero

The Living Wage is a voluntary higher rate of base pay. It provides a benchmark for responsible employers who choose to pay their employees a rate that meets the basic cost of living in the UK and London. It is higher than the government's National Minimum Wage rates, including the minimum wage rate for over-25s (the 'National Living Wage') because it is calculated according to the cost of living.