Kirsty Davies-Warner

Kirsty joined Oxfam in 2014 as Head of Wales. In this role she lead Oxfam's Cymru's programme, policy and advocacy, delivering an integrated programme seeking to address and challenge the injustice of poverty. During this time, Kirsty also Chaired the Disasters Emergency Committee in Wales. In 2018 Kirsty was promoted to be the Head of UK Programme at Oxfam, overseeing the UK wide programme which includes domestic as well as international advocacy and Global Citizenship Education.

Carin Hammer Blakbrough

Carin was born in 1975 in Sweden, but she has lived more than half of her life abroad; in France as well as in Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich) and now in the UK. She is married and has a nine year old son.

Prior to her career in HR, she worked at the United Nations, in Asset Management as well as in a Hedge Fund. She has a Master in Economics as well as an MAS in HRM & Career Management from the University of Geneva.

Dan Howard

Daniel joined the Living Wage Foundation as a Programme Officer in September 2018 where he is responsible for accreditation strategy in the East Midlands as well as assisting with accreditation in East London and Yorkshire. He also focuses on our growth in low pay industries, such as retail and hospitality. Alongside this, Daniel is working on the Foundation’s new project which concentrations on Good Work. He has previous experience at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in York and at the Department for Work and Pensions in Leeds.