Rebuilding with the real Living Wage

It’s been a challenging few months for workers and businesses, but as society gradually re-emerges, we now face the difficult task of rebuilding our businesses, our communities and our economy.

Throughout this pandemic, we have listened to businesses and workers across a range of sectors on the pressures they've faced, and how they have dealt with them. One response has been consistent - all of our Living Wage Employers have recognised that paying the real Living Wage has improved their resilience to the crisis, and bolstered their ability to emerge from it in a position of strength.

As we enter a period of reconstruction, we now have an opportunity to revalue the critical role low-paid workers play in our economy and society, and reward their commitment by providing them with a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

This includes, of course, all of our key workers. Their tremendous work in keeping us all safe, healthy and secure, often at great risk to their own safety, deserves recognition and reward. There are at least 1.3 million key workers, from care workers and delivery drivers to supermarket staff and shelf-fillers, who are still not earning enough to make ends meet. If you agree with turning our appreciation for these workers into action, please share this message or the below infogaphics on social media, or put up a poster in your window or workplace, and work with us to secure them all a real Living Wage.

The Living Wage movement is so strong because it was built on a platform of shared values, of co-operation, and of mutual understanding and empathy. After a period of great difficulty, we are now uniquely placed to rebuild a fairer and more equal society that ensures that businesses, workers and families are all better rewarded for their work, and better protected from any future challenges we may face. Below are some testimonies from workers and Living Wage Employers on why the real Living Wage is so important, as we build back to a better normal.


Why the Living Wage matters now


Sandy McDonald, Standard Life Aberdeen

“If we’re to genuinely build back better, it’s incumbent on us as a society to reward the workers who’ve helped us so much during these tough times and do whatever we can to give workers in all roles fair and secure income, by committing to give them both a Living Wage and Living Hours.”

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Tim, e-cargobikes

“Working for a Living Wage Employer engenders mutual respect and is the next best thing to being part of a Workers Cooperative. Delivering for e-cargobikes in Covid 19 has given me a vision of a better city and society, the all-in-it-togetherness helping me better understand my Mum's saying that 'something was better during the war'! True human values and green shoots seem able to emerge remarkably quickly from this crisis.”

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Adam Harding, Phoenix Events (East)

"Despite the difficulties, we have used the time we have been given to prepare to come back bigger and better once the green light was given. Our team have all had extra training, and paying them the real Living Wage during this time has meant that they are better placed and motivated to help the business bounce back from this stronger. Security will be an important part of the puzzle as we re-open businesses and public spaces post crisis."

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The Living Wage is more important now than ever before. If you would like to share how you are building back with the Living Wage, or have any questions about how we can help, please get in touch with our team.