Global Living Wage Network

Living Wage For US

Living Wage for US aims to overcome the barriers and create the incentives to enable employers to pay Living Wages, affording a decent quality of life for working families. Our new accreditation process is live on Nov 21st for employers to accredit and pay a Living Wage in the US.

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Living Wage New Zealand

Encourage and promote the development of better policies for working people with the primary focus on rights to a Living Wage that will enable workers to live with dignity. We also have an accreditation system available for employers, who meet the criteria to become a Living Wage Employer.



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Living Wage for Families BC

Living Wage for Families BC annually calculates the Living Wage for communities across British Columbia, certifies employers that pay a Living Wage to their staff and contractors, and advocates for complementary government policies that would help families make ends meet.

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Ontario Living Wage Network

To strengthen and support local community efforts and provincial initiatives that encourage employers across Ontario to pay at least a Living Wage for all their employees. We have an accreditation process in place to accredit employers who pay the Living Wage. The Ontario Living Wage Network was developed as a response to the rise in precarious employment.

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Caritas Jersey

We believe work should be the surest way out of poverty. In Jersey, people want to see the Living Wage on their high streets, and we accredit businesses that commit to paying the Jersey Living Wage. Living Wage Jersey ( 

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Oxfam Hong Kong

We at Oxfam envisage a world free of poverty and the injustices that stem from it; a world where all people are valued and treated equally and can lead dignified lives. To combat poverty, which we believe stems from inequality, we work with women to claim their rights, work alongside vulnerable groups to escape poverty and fight for climate justice.

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Social Compact

Social Compact aspires to ensure greater dignity and equity for informal workers within industries in India and promote that a responsible business is a successful business. One of the key outcomes is to ensure Living Wages that enable a life of equity and dignity for the workers and their families.

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Living Wage Network South Africa

Poverty in South Africa has increased to 30.4m between 2011-2016 and directly affects over half the population. Increasing labour participation rates without also focussing on what decent work including Living Wage looks like can result in less sustainable livelihoods. The Research Chair seeks to see how work contributes to inclusive prosperity through the lens of work psychology. 

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Living Wage Bermuda

To make recommendations to the Government for a minimum and a Living Wage. The Affordable Wage report will be provided to the Government in March 2022

Living Wage Ireland

To overcome barriers and encourage employers to pay Living Wages, and up-lift as many low paid Irish workers as possible.