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Providing security of hours alongside a real Living Wage. 

The campaign for a real Living Wage has ensured hundreds of thousands of workers are earning a wage they can live on, not just the government minimum. But millions of low paid workers are also struggling to get the hours they need to make ends meet. That’s why the Living Wage Foundation has developed a new standard of what good looks like for those employers that can offer ‘Living Hours’ alongside a real Living Wage. 

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Our Living Hours standard calls on employers to provide the right to

Calendar with scheduled days highlighted

Decent notice periods for shifts: of at least 4 weeks’ notice, with guaranteed payment if shifts are cancelled within this notice period

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The right to a contract that reflects accurate hours worked

16 hours written on a clock face

A guaranteed minimum of 16 hours a week (unless the worker requests otherwise)

The Living Hours Index

The Living Hours Index provides an important new perspective on insecure work which shows that irregular working hours often lead to insecure and precarious working practices which negatively impact employees. 

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Low paid workers and the growth of insecure work

This report looks at the scale of insecure and low paid work in the UK, the impact of Covid-19 on insecure workers and includes polling which reveals the impact of short notice periods for shifts. 

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