The real Living Wage is good for people

The simple fact is, everyone needs a wage that meets their everyday needs.

Earning the real Living Wage, as opposed to the government's minimum, makes a huge difference to workers. Workers have told us the difference it makes to their productivity at work, mental health, relationships with family and more.

The real Living Wage has lifted hundreds of thousands of families onto a wage that covers their everyday needs. Below you'll hear some personal stories of the difference it can make.

Jo's story

Jo, an embroiderer at Living Wage and Living Hours accredited clothes manufacturer One+All in Salford, talks about the difference being paid the real Living Wage makes to her life. Jo describes how it means she can do more things with her husband, to whom she is a carer, as well as save and go out with friends.

Jodi's story

Jodi, van driver at Living Wage Employer Cook shares how the real Living Wage has allowed him to stay living in London, and spend more time with his children at weekends instead of juggling two jobs.

Lynne's and Paula's stories

Lynne and Paula, part of the Cleaning team at Aviva Norwich talk about the different earning a real Living Wage has made to their lives. They discuss the positive impact it has on family life, quality of life and ability to put some money aside.


The Living Wage can make all the difference

"Coming to somewhere where Iā€™m paid a decent wage and feel appreciated makes me work 110% harder.ā€

- Retail worker

"I feel like I am breaking the cycle and creating opportunities for my children to reach their potential. All because of a fair wage."

- Driver

"Being on a Living Wage means that I don't have to live from one month to the next having the fear of not being able to pay the bills"

- Retail worker

" I eat better, I sleep better and I am much less stressed"

- Care worker

"It's the difference between existing and having a life... previously I was working but couldn't afford heating in my flat "

- Cleaner

"Earning the Living Wage means I can spend more time with my daughter doing the things together we enjoy. I can be the dad I want to beā€"

- Cleaner

Hear from workers on the difference it can make

Workers explain the difference earning a real Living Wage makes to them compared with the government's minimum

"Before being paid a Living Wage, life was difficult, financially for me. I am a single parent, and was working to try and have enough money to pay my bills, and provide for myself and my son. I had no social life, and constantly had to tell family and friends that I was unable to meet them for a meal or drinks."
Anon worker

There's a broad range of business benefits too

Paying a real Living Wage improves the employer brand, boosts staff productivity and motivation at work. 93% of Living Wage businesses say they've benefitted from accreditation.

We also know paying a real Living Wage helps employers to remain competitive, retain existing staff and attract new staff.

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