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Working poverty is an issue that affects over one billion workers around the world. Most countries, whether high or low income, have struggled to lift workers onto a wage that covers the real cost of living.  

In the UK, the Living Wage Foundation has spearheaded the campaign for decent wages. Over 14,000 companies have joined this movement, putting over £3bn back into the pockets of 430,000 low paid workers. However, it is clear that national efforts can no longer be progressed in isolation, and that urgent action needs to be taken in solidarity with workers everywhere. We live in an interconnected world, and as shockwaves caused by a series of crises continue to be felt across complex global supply chains, we know that a coordinated international response is needed.

Multinational employers are also stepping up to meet their responsibilities as key actors for achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes payment of a Living Wage across global operations, which we know is linked to achievement of at least eight of the SDGs. 

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We have connected with Living Wage movements around the world to increase collaboration and action. Our principles for a Global Living Wage have been central to our work with partners in a growing number of countries, where civil society bodies, trade unions, employers, and academics are in close collaboration to ensure that the everyday needs of workers are met. It has been encouraging to see the issue of Living Wage move up the global agenda as a critical path to economic recovery that benefits both businesses and workers. With the right level of collaboration, ending in-work poverty is possible. 

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Who is in our Global Living Wage network? And where are there other national movements?

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Hear from our Global Living Wage network

Members of the Global Living Wage in Canada, South Africa, India, Hong Kong  and New Zealand share the work they're doing on Living Wages in their countries.

How can you help connect the dots on Living Wage globally?

Whether you are an employer, investor, or civil society organisation that supports the right for every worker to be paid a Living Wage, you can play your part to strengthen the global Living Wage movement to make it happen.

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