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Do you really trust the ‘sustainable’, ‘green’ and ‘ethical’ claims on a label? How can you know a business is really living up to the values and standards they claim?

With research showing that public trust in business is declining, Social Enterprise Mark CIC has teamed up with a group of independent Standard Bodies, including The Living Wage Foundation which all set and assess genuine and transparent standards that help consumers cut through the barrage of branding to use purchasing power for good.

We are calling on consumers to go ‘Beyond the Badge’ and actively look out for credible independent labels as proof that a business is living up to its claims. By supporting the campaign, consumers and businesses can stand up for:

  • a growing movement of businesses serious about making change for good and proud to prove it;
  • the values and standards that are managed by an independent standards body with real expertise in their sector.

It’s easy to get involved, you can do this by:

And finally, look out for the credible independent badges that prove a business is living up to its claims.

5th September 2017, 18:13
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