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How to pay the Living Wage in your borough

Lela Kogbara, Director of Strategy at Islington Borough Council blogs in the Guardian today offering an illuminating insight into the process of becoming a Living Wage council.

Lela acknowledges it is not an easy journey, it involves renegotiating with contractors and regular meetings to make sure the Living Wage stays a priority. The efforts are paying off and Islington is leading the way in the public sector with a firm, practical commitment to become a Living Wage employer.

Greenwich, Lewisham and Tower Hamlets Borough Councils are also looking at their contractual obligations and making the move towards paying a Living Wage to all employees.

The Scottish Parliament already pays a Living Wage to all directly employed staff and they are developing ways to role this out to contracted staff too. 

Living Wage Foundation provides advice and support to public and private employers implementing the Living Wage. We can share our experience and offer case studies from existing Living Wage employers. If you would like to find out more about implementation, please get in touch.


17th January 2012, 13:22
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