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KPMG Report 2016 - 1/4 UK workers not paid enough to live on.

The 2016 Living Wage report for KPMG has revealed that nearly 1 in 4 UK workers aren't paid the real Living Wage.

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i) Key findings:

• There are an estimated 5.6 million people in the UK earning less than the Living

Wage in 2016, according to Markit estimates based on ONS figures*

• Five broad job categories account for 50% of roles earning less than the Living Wage, led by

sales assistants and retail cashiers (880,000 employees), followed by:

• Other elementary services occupations (740,000), Caring personal services (450,000),

elementary cleaning occupations (430,000) and childcare & related personal services


• By detailed job category, bar staff, waiters & waitresses are most likely to earn less than the

Living Wage (80 percent), followed by kitchen and catering assistants (75 percent)

• By local authority, Weymouth and Portland had the highest estimated proportion of jobs

earning less than the Living Wage (42 percent), followed by West Somerset and Eden (40


• Oxford and the City of London (less than 10 percent) have the lowest proportion, followed

by the Shetland Islands, South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge (10 percent)

• An estimated 27 percent of females earn less than the Living Wage, compared with 17

percent of males. This partially reflects a greater tendency for females to be employed in

part-time jobs

• By age group, by far the highest proportion of sub-Living Wage employees is in the 18-21

year old category. An estimated 69 percent of people in this category are below the


24th November 2016
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