Living Wage Foundation responds to rise in the government's 'National Living Wage'

In response to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement 2023 which announced a rise to the government's 'National Living Wage' to £10.42 an hour, which is due to come into effect from April 1st 2023, our Director Katherine Chapman responds: 

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: 

“The significant rise in the National Living Wage to £10.42 is welcome news for low-paid workers struggling with rising inflation. It’s encouraging that the government is taking steps to increase the pay on the lowest incomes as prices continue to rise. However, the rates remain lower than the real Living Wage – currently £10.90 in the UK and £11.95 in London – which is based on what it actually costs to live.

There are now over 11,000 employers, committed to always paying their staff, including contractors like cleaners and security guards, the real Living Wage. Living Wage Employers provide stability and certainty to the employees who will need it most ahead of a tough winter. This helps move us towards a high-wage, high-growth economy as employees earning a decent wage are likely to be more productive and able to spend in their local economies. We encourage those organisations who can, to make the Living Wage commitment too.”