How to become a Living Wage Funder

Friendly Funders

Ranging from local authorities to charitable trusts and foundations, corporate, science and capital funders, our Living Wage Funders are committing to tackle low pay by encouraging the organisations they support to pay the real Living Wage. Find out more below about the scheme and find a list of our Living Wage Funders here .

Low Pay in Third Sector

In recent years, many organisations relying on grant funding have experienced a tough funding environment, making it difficult for them to pay their staff a real Living Wage.
Limited funding can make it difficult for grant-funded organisations to guarantee staff a wage they can live on. In the charity sector, for example, more than a quarter of workers earn less than a real Living Wage. Read the report.


In 2017 we carried out research into the extent of low pay in the charity sector and then, in consultation with the sector, developed an action plan to tackle it. It found that we needed funders, government commissioners and charities to work together to challenge the race to the bottom and pay staff delivering vital services fairly. See more about our research and action plan here:

Becoming a Living Wage Funder

Living Wage Funders:

1. Are Living Wage Employers

2. Seek to ensure their grant-funded posts are funded at the Living Wage where possible.

3. Support grantees to become Living Wage Employers

The Living Wage Funder scheme has been set up to be both meaningful and flexible to engage with all types of funders. It is not about making paying the Living Wage mandatory for charities. It is about funders supporting and enabling them to pay a fair wage.



By becoming a Living Wage Funder you:

  • Get access to guidance on applying the Living Wage to grant-funded posts, including templates and case studies.
  • Become part of a strategic community of funders that support and promote the Living Wage, contributing to ending low pay in the third sector.
  • Are entitled to use the Living Wage Funder Mark.
  • Appear on our website so that supporters and grantees can easily find out about the commitment you have made.
  • Have the opportunity to work with us on press coverage to promote your Funder recognition.
  • Receive an invitation to events during Living Wage Week and a pack with materials and guidance on how to be part of the national celebrations.
  • Are kept up to date on the Living Wage campaign and opportunities to celebrate your recognition.

Trafford Housing Trust Case study

Trafford Housing Trust joined the Living Wage Funder scheme in 2018, they were our first housing association to commit to the scheme and won a Living Wage Funder champion award this year. Find out more about their experience here.


Become a Living Wage Funder

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