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2012 London Living Wage Announcement in November

The Living Wage Foundation is pleased to confirm that the new London Living Wage rates for 2012 will be announced in November.

Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London, confirmed that the GLA’s announcement of the new annual figure will now take place in November of each year.

“To help us achieve consistency in announcement dates, and enable businesses and other employers to ensure that they can implement the new figure within their financial cycle, the announcement of the London Living Wage rate will be made, in the future, in November.”

“The London Living Wage is designed to help people towards a minimum acceptable quality of life in our capital. It is very clear that paying the London Living Wage helps to address some of the major social issues that still challenge us in modern day society such as inequality and child poverty and it also makes sound business sense.”

Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London

The Living Wage Foundation and our Principal Partners welcome this development.

Guy Stallard, Head of Facilities at KPMG, said: "We welcome the GLA's decision to fix the announcement date of the London Living Wage rate in November. Knowing that we have this certainty helps businesses incorporate the wage rate into the normal budgeting process and that is where it belongs. As an accredited Living Wage employer we understand that this makes sound economic sense as well as being the right thing to do."

The 2012 announcement will coincide with the first ever Living Wage Week – a celebration of the leadership shown by Living Wage Employers, and an opportunity to recognise the successes of the Living Wage campaign. 

19th March 2012, 13:22
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