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Good thinking: why the Living Wage matters for Aviva

Stuart Wright, Property & Facilities Director at Aviva Plc, blogs on the importance of the Living Wage to Aviva:

Aviva has had a long association with the Living Wage as an early adopter of the London rate and more recently as a Principal Partner of the Foundation.  Aviva is a fully accredited Living Wage employer.  

But why do Aviva do this?  Many reasons, but first and most important because it is the right thing to do.  Two of Aviva’s values play directly in this space – ‘Care More’, which fundamentally means ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘Create Legacy’ or being a good ancestor.  This matters to our people and reflects our brand; we firmly believe that paying the real Living Wage will create a better, stronger and ultimately more successful company for our customers, our people and our investors.

The Living Wage Foundation is a unique movement of employers, trade unionists, religious groups, schools and campaigners across the country – there is no other campaign quite like it and it is easily one of the most successful of the last decade – this success is in no small way due to Aviva’s support; this success feels good and Aviva are keen to remain on the journey.

Aviva’s has a global brand promise we call Good Thinking, I can summarise how we know that paying the real Living Wage is Good Thinking through 3 key points:

  • Paying the Living Wage is Good Thinking for us as an organisation – we want to be an employer of choice, which helps us to protect the long term success of our business – creating legacy.  There is evidence of our LW stance driving recruitment of senior colleagues and it has created a feel-good factor; a sense of pride to work for Aviva.  We have seen positive, written support from shareholders with direct communication to senior directors
  • But we also know that paying the Living Wage is Good Thinking for our industry and business at large – employers who pay a fair wage have a multiplier effect, because as ambassadors they help encourage other businesses to do the same.  We have seen increased loyalty with reduced staff turnover, absenteeism and sick leave not to mention an improved productivity driven by a feeling of people being more valued for the work they are doing
  • Thirdly and most importantly it is Good Thinking for our people - it improves quality of life and affords people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families – whether Aviva people or the vital support people that work across our sites; we have shown that we Care More

Paying the Living Wage really is Good Thinking for everyone.  I am proud to work for Aviva; and as Chair of the Living Wage Advisory Group I know that we can make a real difference. We have to make work the surest way out of poverty – Aviva will continue to play a key role.

2nd November 2016
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