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Guest Blog: Jodie Cook, JC Social Media

Why my social media agency commits to paying the real Living Wage

I’m proud that my company is a Living Wage Employer and I think it’s important that businesses that can pay the real Living Wage do so. Running my agency has taught me how important it is to create a working environment that has staff wellbeing at its core. I believe paying at least the real Living Wage plays a big part in ensuring the wellbeing of your employees as it sends the message that you value them as an individual and reward a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.

Staff wellbeing also encompasses many other aspects of someone’s work life that can hugely contribute to their happiness and productivity, such as the availability of support networks, a healthy working culture and a focus on staff physical and mental health. Our team has worked together to create our first workplace wellbeing policy, which includes sections to address the issue of mental health. The policy is proudly published on our website, transparent and open to the public and I recommend that if your business doesn’t yet have one – create one. Feel free to take inspiration from ours!

Our company is largely a team of millennials, myself included. We are tech-savvy, fast learners and probably have more career options than any generation before us. I’m keen that JC Social Media is an all-round great place to work, so that we attract and retain the best people available. Having a motivated team is vital to running a business effectively, especially in a creative area like social media marketing. Therefore, fair pay and a high standard of workplace wellbeing are critical in securing and keeping great talent, as well as ensuring they are delivering for our clients. 

I implore businesses that already commit to paying the real Living Wage to accredit as a Living Wage Employer, to make their commitment official and spread an understanding amongst employers. It also ensures that employees know they’re in a firm that looks after them and pays fairly, even in the most junior roles in the company.

Jodie Cook is the founder of social media agency JC Social Media, an accredited Living Wage Employer. She holds a position on the board of Silicon Canal, a not-for-profit organisation that connects and supports Greater Birmingham’s ecosystem of tech businesses and professionals, giving her a unique insight into the dynamic employment landscape of the second city. 

1st June 2018
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