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Guest Blog: Kelly, Burberry

As part of Living Wage Week, Kelly, a CAD Admin Assistant at Burberry based in Castleford, shares the difference receiving the real Living Wage has made to her life in a guest blog.

I first started working at Burberry as a Production Operative Apprentice and am now a CAD Admin Assistant in Castleford. Being paid the Living Wage throughout my career at Burberry has been life-changing for me.

It’s allowed me to start saving up for a deposit to buy my first home, something that would have been out of reach if I worked for an employer that didn’t pay the Living Wage. I’ve been able to save, putting more money into my pension scheme, as well as pursuing interests such as travelling. It’s also helped me to start paying off my student loan, which was a real worry for me before I joined Burberry. Being paid the Living Wage makes me feel financially secure and less anxious about having enough money for the future.

I think that being paid the Living Wage is a huge incentive for people to stay with their current employer. That extra income can make a big difference to someone’s prospects and it shows the company is investing in you and your future.

Over 4,700 Employers have signed up to pay all their staff a real Living Wage, not only is it good for employees like Kelly but also for businesses like Burberry who say employees feel more supported, are more motivated, and are proud to be part of their team as a result. Join the movement and become a Living Wage Employer today.


6th November 2018, 11:15
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