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Living Wage Campaign wins Over £1bn for Workers


Today it has been announced that the campaign for a real Living Wage has now given more than £1 billion in extra wages to workers since the campaign began in 2001.

The campaign for a London Living Wage began in East London, where cleaners working in the City worked multiple jobs and long hours on the minimum wage and were struggling to keep their heads above water. With support from community organisers from Citizens UK, workers began a Living Wage campaign, calling on organisations in East London to commit to pay all their workers, including outsourced and contract workers, a real Living Wage that covered the cost of living.

In 2011 the Living Wage Foundation was established to campaign for a Living Wage throughout the UK. Since then the campaign has won over £1bn of additional wages and lifted over 200,000 people out of working poverty.

The Living Wage is the UK’s only independently calculated wage rate based on what people need to get by. The rate covers all essential items such as housing costs, food, transport and childcare, as well as important purchases such as a winter coat for children.

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to announce that the Living Wage movement has now put over £1 billion pounds back into the pockets of low paid workers. This is testament to the leadership of over 5000 businesses across the UK who continue to recognise the importance of a wage that truly covers the cost of living and the value it provides to workers and their families, as well as to businesses.”

Kim Healey, People Director at Everton Football Club, said: “We were proud to become an accredited Living Wage Employer in 2016 - one of the first Premier League Clubs to do so - and are delighted to continue our involvement with the Living Wage movement as a Principal Partner. This news is an exciting milestone and we remain committed to helping shape the movement’s future as it continues its vital work across all industries. As The People’s Club, the welfare of our staff is paramount. The Living Wage improves our employees’ quality of life and also benefits our business and society as a whole.”

Regional Breakdown


Additional wages paid due to the Living Wage

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South East



South West









East Midlands



West Midlands



Yorkshire and the Humber



North East



North West



East England



Matthew Bolton, Executive Director, Citizens UK, said: “It’s brilliant that the Living Wage Campaign, which first started in an East London church hall 2001, has now given £1 billion pounds back to low paid workers across the country. It shows change we are able to achieve when communities come together, call out injustice and take action for change.”


You can join the movement which has put £1bn back into low paid workers pockets by becoming a real Living Wage Employer today!


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28th August 2019, 09:30
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