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Living Wage Week: ShareAction pension fund campaign

Campaigning charity ShareAction are working to encourage businesses to pay the Living Wage by working with the pension fund investors who own them.

Pension funds can use the power of their shares to challenge the companies they invest in to pay the Living Wage. 

UK pension funds have billions of pounds of holdings in the FTSE 100, its our pension savings that back these big companies, so contacting your personal or organisational pension fund could make a real difference. 

To mark Living Wage Week, ShareAction have launched an on-line tool that let's you email your pension fund directly and tell them to challenge the companies they invest in, on the Living Wage.

You can use the tool to email your pension fund here - and then be sure to tweet and encourage others to do the same using #LivingWageWeek.

7th November 2013, 11:25
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