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NEWS: Living Wage Foundation responds to Chancellor's National Living Wage pledge

Today, Chancellor Sajid Javid pledged to raise the government's 'National Living Wage' to £10.50 within the next five years.

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation' said:

“Today’s announcement is welcome news for millions of workers who are set to receive a pay rise. However, nearly 6000 employers across the UK are already going further than the legal minimum and paying a real Living Wage that covers the cost of living.

The real Living Wage remains the only independently calculated wage rate based on the cost of living. That means that as household bills continue to rise, people working for Living Wage employers will always receive a wage they can live on. With 6 million still paid less than the Living Wage, and struggling to make ends meet, good employers are taking action now by signing up to the real Living Wage.”

Join nearly 6000 accredited Living Wage employers today, to make sure your staff are paid a wage based on the real cost of living.



30th September 2019
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