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‘Now we’re key workers’. Meet the delivery riders at Living Wage Employer, delivering food in the coronavirus crisis

It’s never been clearer just how much we need our key workers, than in this crisis, and for those of us who are unable to leave our homes altogether, we are particularly thankful to our del

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A real Living Wage for care workers

Living Wage Foundation Katherine Chapman writing in the Mirror. 

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#LondonTogether: London Living Wage Employers are finding new ways to help in response to Covid-19

As the UK enters its sixth week in lockdown, individuals, communities and organisations across the capital have united to support the most vulnerable people and keyworkers during this critical peri

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A message to our community of Living Wage Employers

COVID-19 impacts every person, business and community. I know that for many of you, this uncertainty will have a very real impact on you and your families.

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